What is Zoo Tycoon Wildlife Society?

Zoo Tycoon Wildlife Society is a new way to play Zoo Tycoon 1 & 2! It allows you not only to build the zoo you want, to show off your animals, and to update with zoo news (such as births, deaths, new arrivals, new exhibits etc...), but also to interact with other zoos just like the ones in real life!! It allows you to join efforts to save endangered species, and trade/loan your animals, it also challenge you to be better at breeding, exhibit building, and... well you'll see.

The Features:

  • The Society Office: This is the general information area, there are places to ask questions, make suggestions, get information, and of course apply to the society.
  • Press Room: Here, each ZTWS member zoo is allowed to have a topic. In this topic, you get to post information about goings-on in your zoo. You are also allowed to post when you have updated your zoo topic.
  • The Library: This is where you can read and write guides on how to care for animals, including enclosure specifications, preferences and anything that has to do with the well being of the animals.
  • Donation&Trade Center: Here, three topics are open. The Trade Center is the place to trade what you have for what someone else has. The Loan Center is the place to borrow animals from other members for a certain amount of time. The Donation Box is the place where you can donate money or materials to other zoos to strengthen inter-zoo relationships.
  • Species Survival Plan: The mission of a ZTWS Species Survival Plan (SSP) Program is to cooperatively manage specific, and typically threatened or endangered, species population within ZTWS accredited zoos. Here you can sign up and participate in the preservation of the worlds species.
  • ZTWS Companies: This is the place for you to post a company topic. These companies can offer any services, within reasonable sense. They can be collaborations, or a group of close friends, or just you and your zoos.
  • Auction House: This is where each ZTWS member has a topic. In your topic, you may post an item be it an animal or something else, available for trade with a deadline that is within two weeks. Other members may then bid for the item, offering items of their own. At the deadline the auctioneer may choose which option to accept.
  • World News: This is a place where events will be posted. These events are things like an oil leaking, stranding of whales, etc. When such an event happens, every zoo will have the chance to adopt any kind of animal. The number of animals is limited though, so be there quickly!

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