Zoo Tycoon : Marine Mania
Boxart ztmm
Release Date October 21, 2002
Rating ESRB (E)
Features Marine Animals, Aquatic Shows, Tanks, New Zoos, Scenarios, Scenery, Marine Specialists, and Marine Props


Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania is the second expansion pack of the original Zoo Tycoon.


As the name suggests, Marine Mania focuses on marine animals. The player has the option to make tanks using brand new fencing specifically designed to contain marine animals.

There are two new features included in Marine Mania. The first is the ability to create Marine Shows. By connecting the tank of certain animals to a specifically designed show tank, the player can create their own show, choosing which tricks the animals will perform and how often they will be held. The second is to build "combined" exhibits, which consist of tanks with a land section for amphibious animals to access. The majority of animals from the original game and Dinosaur Digs that could swim gain access to tanks (the only exception is the Greater Flamingo), but only a zookeeper can tend to them.

Animal Notes
Shortfin Mako Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Tiger Shark
Manta Ray
Green Sea Turtle
Great Barracuda DLC
Whale Shark


Common Sawfish DLC
Bowhead Whale DLC
Pacific Walrus
Elephant Seal
West Indian Manatee
Giant Pacific Octopus
Harbor Porpoise
Southern Sea Otter Preforms
Green Moray Eel
Atlantic Swordfish DLC
Bluefin Tuna
Orca Preforms
Bottlenose Dolphin Preforms

Humpback Whale

Sperm Whale
Great White Shark Preforms

Lion's Mane Jelly

Giant Squid
Mermaid Easter Egg
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