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If you were looking for Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species click here.

Zoo Tycoon: Endangered Species is a official mini-pack for Zoo Tycoon. It came with the Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection .

Animals Biome Game
Sable Antelope Savannah Zoo Tycoon
African Wild Dog Savannah Zoo Tycoon
Blackbuck Savannah Zoo Tycoon
Przewalski's Wild Horse Grassland Zoo Tycoon
Mexican Gray Wolf Deciduous Forest Zoo Tycoon
Japanese Serow Deciduous Forest Zoo Tycoon
Bigfoot Coniferous Forest Zoo Tycoon
Bongo Tropical Rainforest Zoo Tycoon
Asian Elephant Tropical Rainforest Zoo Tycoon
Javan Rhinoceros Tropical Rainforest Zoo Tycoon
Komodo Dragon Tropical Rainforest Zoo Tycoon
Malaysian Tapir Tropical Rainforest Zoo Tycoon
Asian Black Bear Highland Zoo Tycoon
Llama Highland Zoo Tycoon
Mountain Lion Highland Zoo Tycoon
Yeti Highland Zoo Tycoon
Reindeer Tundra Zoo Tycoon
Plateosaurus Deciduous Forest Dinosaur Digs
Macrauchenia Grassland Dinosaur Digs
Gallimimus Coniferous Forest Dinosaur Digs
Loch Ness Monster Saltwater Dinosaur Digs
Great Barracuda Aquatic Marine Mania
Whale Shark Aquatic Marine Mania
Common Sawfish Aquatic Marine Mania
Bowhead Whale Aquatic Marine Mania
Atlantic Swordfish Aquatic Marine Mania
Zoo Tycoon
Zoo TycoonDinosaur DigsMarine ManiaEndangered Species PackComplete Collection
Zoo Tycoon 2
Zoo Tycoon 2Endangered SpeciesAfrican AdventureZookeeper Collection
Dino Danger PackMarine ManiaExtinct AnimalsUltimate Collection

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