Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs
Boxart ztdd
Release Date May 19, 2002
Rating ESRB: (E)
Features Dinosaurs, Ramaging, New Zoos, Scenarios, Scenery, Dino Rescue Team, Scientists, & More researching


Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs is a expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon. It was released in May 19, 2002. This was the first expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon. It was later followed by Marine Mania. It was eventually bundled with Marine Mania called Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection.


Dinosaur Digs includes 26 new prehistoric animals and 1 mythical animal to choose from.

The larger carnivores will ram down any non-electric fence, and a damaged electric fence will also be destroyed. A way to bypass this and use cheaper fencing is to surround an exhibit with water, although it will not work for ones that swim. The escaped dinosaurs will eat guests. This expansion pack is known for the animals' very strange behavior, such as carnivores attacking anything in sight and herbivores seeing any modern-day animals as a threat and killing them. As such, this expansion seems to follow the stereotype that dinosaurs are bloodthirsty monsters, while expansions for Zoo Tycoon 2 offer a more accurate portrayal of dinosaurs.

Animal Biome Notes
Ankylosaurus Savannah Research
Triceratops Savannah
Giant Ground Sloth Grassland
Macrauchenia Grassland DLC
Tyrannosaurus Rex Grassland Research
Styracosaurus Deciduous Forest
Apatosaurus Deciduous Forest Research
Iguanadon Deciduous Forest
Plateosaurus Deciduous Forest DLC
Spinosaurus Coniferous Forest Research
Kentrosaurus Coniferous Forest Research
Lambeosaurus Coniferous Forest
Camptosaurus Coniferous Forest
Stegosaurus Coniferous Forest
Gallimimus Coniferous Forest DLC
Velociraptor Coniferous Forest Research
Caudipteryx Tropical Rainforest
Herrerasaus Tropical Rainforest
Allosaurus Tropical Rainforest
Coelophysis Tropical Rainforest Research
Saber-Toothed Cat Tundra
Wooly Mammoth Tundra Research
Giant Tortoise Tundra
Wooly Rhinoceros Tundra
Deinosuchus Saltwater
Loch Ness Monster Saltwater DLC
Plesiosaurus Saltwater Research
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