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Dive Into Your Zoo
Welcome to the Zoo Tycoon Wildlife Wiki!

Our Mission is to support the best information about the Zoo Tycoon series.
Welcome to the Zoo Tycoon Wildlife Wiki.

We are currently editing over 71 articles and 606 images and you can help. Want to help out the wiki? Create an article by clicking the button below!

What is Zoo Tycoon Wildlife?

Zoo Tycoon Wildlife is a fan website founded by SLGray. It consists of downloads, forums, and lots of fun challenges to do.

Main Wiki Contributors

Unfinished Tasks

At the moment, no user-made content can be created. Currently, we are redoing the entire wiki.

* Official Games
* Biomes
* Animals
* Objects
* Mini-Games
* Scenarios
* Walkthrough
* Miscellaneous Info from Zoopedia
* Images exported from the game files

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