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Icon wetlands
Game Zoo Tycoon 2
Habitat Marshes, Swamps, Bogs, Fens, Vernal Pools, Floodplains
Climate Tropical
Water Warm Trophic
Wetlands Worldwide

    Wetlands is a biome from Zoo Tycoon 2.

Zoopedia Description

  • Wetland is defined as a geographic area with characteristics of both dry land and bodies of water.
  • Wetlands typically occur in low-lying areas that receive fresh water at the edges of lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers, or salt water from tides in coastal areas protected from waves. In wetlands, the surface of the water, called the water table, is usually at, above, or just below the land surface for enough time to restrict the growth of plants to those that are adapted to wet conditions and promote the development of soils characteristic of a wet environment. Wetlands provide habitat for a wide variety of plants, invertebrates, fish, and larger animals, including many rare, threatened, or endangered species.
  • The plants and animals found in wetlands include both those that are able to live on dry land or in the water and those that can live only in a wet environment. Wetlands are found on every continent except Antarctica and in climates ranging from the tropics to the tundra. They occupy about 6 percent of the land surface of the world, or approximately 890 million hectares (approximately 2.2 billion acres). The United States contains about 111 million hectares (about 274 million acres) or approximately 12 percent of the world's wetland.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
American Beaver Vulnerable 3 North America Zoo Tycoon 2
Greater Flamingo Low Risk 1 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Hippopotamus Vulnerable 2.5 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Nile Crocodile Low Risk 1.5 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Florida Panther Critically Endangered 5 Florida Endangered Species
African Buffalo Low Risk 0.5 Africa African Adventure
Nile Monitor Low Risk 1.5 Africa African Adventure
Ankylosaurus Extinct 4 North America Extinct Animals
Dimetrodon Extinct 3.5 North America Extinct Animals
Diprotodon Extinct 2 Australia Extinct Animals
Elephant Bird Extinct 2.5 Madagascar Extinct Animals
Kentrosaurus Extinct 2 East Africa Extinct Animals
Protarchaeopteryx Extinct 1 Asia Extinct Animals
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