Bg scrub2
Icon scrub
Game Zoo Tycoon 2
Seasons Hot Dry Summer, With Cooler Fall, Winter, & Spring
Climate Subtropical
Vegetation Heat-adapted
Precipitation Low
Temperature Hot
Scrub Worldwide

   Scrub is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2.


  • The scrub biome, also known as a chaparral, is type of shrub-land community that is dominated by small-leaved evergreen vegetation.
  • Such habitats are characteristic of the Mediterranean type of climate with warm, wet winters and long, dry summers. The name is applied to the shrub lands of California and Baja California that are dominated by scrub oak and by the dense shrubs chamiso and manzanita.
  • Scrub is fire dependent. Fire wipes out decadent growth, disposes of accumulated litter, recycles nutrients, and stimulates new, vigorous growth from seeds and sprouts.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
Gemsbok Low Risk 1 Southern Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Red Kangaroo Vulnerable 2 Australia Zoo Tycoon 2
Asian Elephant Endangered 3.5 Southeast Asia Downloads
Galapagos Giant Tortoise Endangered 1.5 South America Endangered Species
Komodo Dragon Vulnerable 2 Southeast Asia Endangered Species
Aardvark Low Risk 2.5 Africa African Adventure
Caracal Low Risk 4.5 Africa and Asia African Adventure
Gerenuk Vulnerable 2 Africa African Adventure
Meerkat Low Risk 3.5 South Africa African Adventure
White Rhinoceros Low Risk 2.5 South Africa African Adventure
Doedicurus Extinct 2 South America Extinct Animals
Giant Ground Sloth Extinct 5 South America Extinct Animals
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