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Seasons Varied lengths of Dry and Rainy Season
Climate Tropical
Vegetation Grass, Trees
Precipitation High
Temperature Hot
Savannah Worldwide

   Savannah is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2.

Zoopedia Description

  • The Savannah is a tropical grassland with a scattering of shrubs and small and large trees. Savannahs may result from soil conditions, from periodic fires caused by lightning or set by humans, or from climatic influences.
  • Climatically determined savannahs, as found in western and southwestern Africa, develop in regions with marked wet and dry seasons, where rainfall ranges between 100 and 400 mm (4 and 16 in) a year. These savannahs vary from open-canopied forests with a grassy understory to true savannahs in which grasses are dominant. When the rainfall is 100 to 200 mm (4 to 8 in), generally only grasses can survive the dry season. When rainfall reaches 300 mm (12 in), the soil holds enough water to sustain shrubs through the dry season as well. When rainfall exceeds 300 mm, enough water is left to support solitary trees; and when rainfall exceeds 400 mm, enough moisture remains during the dry season to allow trees to grow more densely and to form a canopy, shading out the grasses.
  • In regions of higher rainfall, such as eastern Africa, savannahs vegetation is maintained by periodic fires. Consuming dry grass at the end of the rainy season, the fires burn back the forest vegetation, check the invasion of trees and shrubs, and stimulate new grass growth. These savannahs are also influenced by large grazing mammals such as wildebeest and zebra. When abundant, the animals can so reduce the vegetation that the grassy cover cannot carry a fire. Woody vegetation then increases, changing savannahs to woodland. Such woody growth can be reduced, in turn, by large browsers such as elephants.
  • Soil-determined savannahs include the llanos of Venezuela and the campos cerrados of Brazil. The latter are characterized by a hard crust in the soil, formed by ferric oxides. Grasses grow in the soil above the crust; trees grow where roots, following cracks in the crust, can reach deeper groundwater.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
African Elephant Endangered 4 Africa

Zoo Tycoon 2

Black Rhinoceros Critically Endangered 3 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Cheetah Vulnerable 2.5 Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Common Zebra Low Risk 1.5 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Lion Vulnerable 2.5 Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Ostrich Low Risk 2 Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Reticulated Giraffe Low Risk 2.5 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Thomson's Gazelle Low Risk 0.5 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
African Wild Dog Endangered 3.5 South Africa Endangered Species
Giant Sable Antelope Critically Endangered 2 Southern Africa Endangered Species
Masai Giraffe Low Risk 1 Africa African Adventure
Warthog Low Risk 3 Africa African Adventure
Wildebeest Low Risk 1.5 Africa African Adventure
Giant Warthog Extinct 3.5 Africa Extinct Animals
Sivatherium Extinct 1 Africa Extinct Animals
Quagga Extinct 1.5 Africa Extinct Animals
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