Ring-Tailed Lemur
Status Vulnerable
Diet Herbivore
To unlock the ring-tailed lemur in challenge or campaign games, you must earn a 3-star zoo fame rating for your zoo.


  • The ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta, is found only on the island of Madagascar and the nearby islands of Comoros. Adults of this species grow to 38 to 43 cm (15 to 17 in) in length and can reach weights of nearly 4 kg (9 lb). Their habitat ranges from tropical deciduous forest to semi-desert, and they are comfortable both on the ground and climbing trees.
  • This fox-faced primate lives in a group of 10 to 20 or more of its fellows. In contrast to other more arboreal lemurs, the ring-tail, Lemur catta, spends much of its time on the ground. It inhabits the woodlands and forests of southwest Madagascar, where it subsists largely on wild figs and other fruits.

Fun Facts

  • In the early morning, ring-tailed lemurs like to warm themselves by sunbathing with arms outstretched.
  • Groups of ring-tailed lemurs use their upright tails to keep track of each other when foraging for food in the open.
  • Male ring-tailed lemurs sometimes engage in territorial "stink battles," in which they wipe their tails with smelly scent from their arms and then wave their tails at rival groups.

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