Bg reef2
Icon reef
Game Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania
Habitat Coral Reefs, Mangroves, Cliffs, Beaches
Climate Tropical
Water Warm Trophic
Reef Warm Oceans Worldwide

   Reef is a biome from Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania.


Coasts in tropical latitudes tend have warmer waters and thus support larger amounts of species. Tropical coral reefs can be found in these regions corals that secrete calcium carbonate on rocks or the ocean floor. Coral reefs support a huge amount of diversity in microscopic organisms and tropical fish. Mangroves are a unique plant community that can also be found on tropical coasts. These trees are adapted to saline conditions and are severely threatened areas.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
Blacktip Reef Shark Low Risk 3 Indo-Pacific Oceans Marine Mania
Manta Ray Low Risk 0.5 Global Warm Oceans Marine Mania
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