Bg grassland4
Icon grassland
Game Zoo Tycoon 2
Seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Climate Temperate
Vegetation Grasses
Precipitation Low
Temperature Warm
Grassland Worldwide

   Temperate Grassland is a biome from 2001 Zoo Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon 2 and 2013 Zoo Tycoon. It is the biome with the most maps.


This grassland biome is found in temperate regions where the climate is semi-arid to semi-humid. The amount of vegetation and the type of grasses typically depend on the amount of rainfall in a region. In a grassland, climax forest vegetation is usually halted by a shorter fire regime. Temperate grasslands are usually found toward the interior of continents near deserts and temperate forests and have four seasons.


Blue Fang

Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
American Bison Low Risk 0.5 North America Endangered Species
Przewalski's Wild Horse Critically Endangered 3 Central Asia Endangered Species
Ratel Low Risk 2 Africa and Asia African Adventure
Secretary Bird Low Risk 3 Africa and Asia African Adventure
Bluebuck Extinct 0.5 Southern Africa Extinct Animals
Dwarf Sicilian Elephant Extinct 3 Mediterranean Islands Extinct Animals
Giant Camel Extinct 1.5 North America Extinct Animals
Warrah Extinct 2.5 Falkland Islands Extinct Animals
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