Bg desert2
Icon desert
Game Zoo Tycoon 2
Seasons Hot Year-round with some cool periods
Climate Subtropical
Vegetation Heat-adapted
Precipitation Very Low
Temperature Very Hot
Desert Worldwide

   Desert is a biome from Zoo Tycoon 2. 

Zoopedia Description

  • Desert is a term applied to regions of the earth that are characterized by less than 254 mm (10 in) of annual rainfall, an evaporation rate that exceeds precipitation, and, in most cases, a high average temperature. Because of a lack of moisture in the soil and low humidity in the atmosphere, most of the sunlight penetrates to the ground. Daytime temperatures can reach 131° F (55° C) in the shade. At night the desert floor radiates heat back to the atmosphere, and the temperature can drop to near freezing.
  • Most deserts arise due to atmospheric wind conditions. Warm air masses created two belts of desert, one along the Tropic of Cancer and the other along the Tropic of Capricorn. Other deserts result from the effects of ocean currents on landmasses, where cool air masses carry fog and mist, but little rain, along coastal regions.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
Dromedary Camel Low Risk 0.5 North Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Addax Critically Endangered 2 North Africa Downloads
Fennec Fox Low Risk 2 North Africa Endangered Species
Scimitar-Horned Oryx Critically Endangered 1 North Africa Endangered Species
African Spurred Tortoise Vulnerable 1 North Africa African Adventure
Striped Hyena Low Risk 4 North Africa African Adventure
Velociraptor Extinct 0.5 Central Asia Extinct Animals
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