Black Leopard
Status Low Risk
Diet Carnivore
To unlock the black leopard in challenge or campaign games, you must earn a 3-star zoo fame rating for your zoo.


  • Like the leopard, the black leopard has spots, but they are harder to see.
  • Leopard is the common name for a large member of the cat family that occupies a wide range of habitats and has the most extensive distribution of any of the wild species of cat, occurring throughout much of Africa and Asia. The body of an adult leopard is about 0.91 to 1.91 m (3 to 6.3 ft) long, exclusive of the 1-m (3-ft) tail. Typically the coat is pale tan, and it is marked with broken circles of black spots. Unlike the rosettes of the American jaguar, these circles have no central spot. Specimens with darker ground colors are seen, and some leopards (born in otherwise ordinary litters) are completely black and are known as black panthers.
  • The black leopard is an agile climber and will often stalk monkeys in the trees. It hunts mainly at night. When game is scarce, a leopard will eat field mice, fruit, porcupines, baboons, or arthropods. The female bears one to six young per litter.

Fun Facts

  • The black leopard is a melanistic variation of the leopard.
  • The black leopard does indeed have spots. Close up and in just the right light, you can see them.

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